Comparing British Candy to American Sweets

It is well known that England has some very tasty lollies and sweets, but how does British candy compare to the variety offered by the Americans? What is all the debate about?

To get to the bottom of this debate, we need to take a detailed look at the differences between American sweets and British candy so that we can get to the truth of the matter. While Americans and people from England have historically had rivalries (both friendly and not-so-friendly), this is a serious battleground where there can only be one true victor!

Compared to British candy, American sweets are a lot more varieties in the types of sweets, but they are all based around the same templates. For example, there are many different types of Skittles and M&M’s, but they tend to dominate the marketplace and don’t leave much room for different takes on that style of sweet.

On the other hand, British candy has many different types of sweets but less variety in the flavours those sweets come in. Instead of having a rainbow version of a sweet, there would be a brand of sweet that is specifically a rainbow thing.

England has a lot of vintage styles and retro sweets that have their own appeal beyond just how they taste. People have nostalgia for these kinds of ‘golden age’ products that come from a more innocent time without as many warning labels about high sugar content etc. British candy is also characterised by a lot of ‘pick n’ mix’ treats that allow people to go into a store and fill up a bag with different types of sweets that they want.


When it comes to chocolate bars, British candy wins out over American. This is due to the fact that the standard for what makes chocolate bars in America is lower than in the UK (the US only needs 10% cocoa while in the UK the minimum standard is 20%). This no doubt allows Americans to mass-produce chocolate at a cheaper rate, but as with everything, you get what you pay for.

With that said, many will agree that American M&M’s are better than what the UK has to offer in the same department. The mint flavour is likely the most popular for many people.

There are a lot of big differences between British candy and the sweets in America, and no doubt many of the reasons are cultural as well as geographic. While American sweets are more commercially successful around the world, nothing can replace the iconic nature of the sweets that originate in England.


Buying them as a gift

Closeup of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

You may be thinking about importing some genuine British candy or American sweets into Australia, and there are many good reasons to do this. If the person you are buying a gift for grew up in England or somewhere in America, then they will greatly value getting something they probably last enjoyed as a child and having that hit of nostalgia.

The look on their face when they open up this kind of gift is the main point of the present, not even the sweet itself. When they taste it, they will be reminded of their childhood, and this is exactly why things like British candy make for such excellent gifts.

This is a truly special kind of gift that you can get for someone that will make them really happy and grateful to you for doing it. It is something that is relatively inexpensive but will carry a lot of weight with the recipient.

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Tips For Buying A New Computer Desk

When you are looking for a new computer desk, it’s not going to be as simple as just picking the cheapest or best-looking option. There are several considerations you need to make when you pick out this type of furniture item so that you get something that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

There are many common pitfalls that you can fall into if you are not careful when buying and item like this. A computer desk is not going to be the most expensive piece of furniture you ever buy, but it is something that you will use frequently, and therefore you want to make sure it fits the bill.

If you need any help making your decision, consider the following tips for buying a new computer desk.


The function

While a computer desk has a prominent function of housing your laptop or desktop device and providing a functional workspace for using those devices, there is more to it than just that. If you are a professional who needs to print and organize a lot of paperwork while using your device (such as a lawyer or accountant), then you will want to purchase a workspace that has sufficient surface area to hold the documents and make them convenient for you to access.

You might want to buy a computer desk that has space of a filing cabinet to be store underneath or one that has a shelf area for the different folders. Similarly, you might want a pro gamer surface that has a tray for your mouse and keyboard that can be tucked away, or space to put a CD rack.

There are many different varieties of computer desks out their that range in size and complexity. Some will be little more than a rectangular table, while others will be robust workspaces that allow you to easily organize things. Some of them even have pre-drilled holes in them to allow you to thread cables through so that they don’t get pressed against the wall and create a cap, keeping things very neat and tidy and avoiding cables messes.


The size

Of course, when you buy any kind of furniture item, you need to be mindful of how big it is going to be. A computer desk needs to fit inside the office space which is usually not the biggest room in any building, so you need to take measurements and compare it with the size of the surface you are thinking about investing your money into.

Look at the dimensions that are listed on the item and compare them with the dimensions you have of the room it is going to be placed into. A good idea to make this easy is to get a tape measure and leave a mark on it, then use the same tape measure in the furniture showroom to see if it will fit.

There are few things as embarrassing as buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit. Don’t make this mistake – always measure your new computer desk and the space you want to put it in.


The quality

You need to make sure that you are buying a quality product that is going to be sturdy when it is assembled and/or when you start using it. Take note of how much weight the surface can support and ensure that it is going to be strong enough to be functional for your intended purpose.

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What Are The Types Of Scaffoldings Used In Construction?

There are a number of different types of scaffoldings out there that are used in construction, they each serve a different purpose and can help with different types of construction or during different stages of construction. The main types of scaffoldings that that you will generally see during construction tend to be trestle, single, double, patented, steel and cantilever. Read on below to find out what each type is and why you would use it. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the purpose and uses for scaffoldings as this helps to ensure a safer working environment and ensures that materials and equipment are used in the proper way.

Scaffoldings are a non-permanent structure that are erected to be used as platforms for employees to work on when constructing or working on another structure. In the construction industry, this is usually when a new building is being built (and there’s no structure in place to stand on) or when substantial renovations and changes are being made to an existing structure. Working on scaffoldings can be high risk so it’s essential that they are erected properly and that safety measures are in place. Here are a few of the types you can expect to see;



As you might guess this type of structure involves suspending scaffoldings on a tripod structure that often includes moveable ladders. This type of structure is usually used indoors for projects like repairs or painting that don’t require great height.




This type of structure is built with steel. It is extremely sturdy and good for construction projects because of its strength and fire resistance but it can come with a higher cost than many other types of scaffoldings. This type of structure is usually used when construction is taking place outside or for large structures.



This type of structure also uses steel but usually involves a system which allows the structure to be fitted together quickly and simply. These systems are designed to make installation quick and extremely simple with specialty couplings and frames. The work platform can be set up on brackets and easily moved up or down as required.



This type of structure is most often used for repairs or painting. It works well on jobs where the height needs to be repeatedly adjusted. This system used ropes and chains attached to the work platform to allow the height of the platform to be easily adjusted.



This is often also called ‘single frame’ and involves a platform which is held up by a chain of needles which are embedded in a wall or supported by the floors of double frame scaffolding. This type of structure must be very carefully used and strict safety protocols must be followed.


Single frame

This is one of the older types of structure and it is popular when brick masonry is being performed. This is usually set up to link to the wall at a fixed distance. It must be carefully set up to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support workers.


Double frame

The double frame also sometimes called independent structures are usually used for stone masonry. Two structures are erected to ensure that there is a sturdy workspace. They are often made extra sturdy with cross braces. This is popular for stone and it’s difficult to put holes in stone to secure it so putlogs aren’t a good option.


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